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A/C Services

Driving a car with a broken or non-functional AC can lead to road rage quicker than whatever else. The A/C performance check is conveyed by qualified auto experts who will inspect your vehicle’s aerating and cooling framework to discover any refrigerant spillage and repair it to evade any further issues.

The car air conditioning system is highly important to the car owner’s comfort, especially in Dubai where it’s steamy hot. We recommend vehicle owners complete a climate installation diagnostics test at least twice a year with our team of experts. We offer high-level air conditioning services and diagnostics equipment to perform repair services

Troubleshooting A/C System, Maintaining and upgrading existing low performing air conditioners and providing expertise solutions for retaining A/C systems well for all kinds of vehicles.

We undertake all kinds of jobs related to automobile air-conditioning units.

Few of our AC Service are

  • Car AC System Inspection
  • Car AC Repair
  • Car AC Service & Maintenance of Car AC Parts
  • Car AC Not Cooling Diagnosis & Fix
  • Car AC Gas Top-Ups
  • Car AC Gas Leakage Diagnosis & Fix
  • Car AC Air Filter Replacement
  • Car AC Filter Replacements
  • Car AC Compressor Repair/Replace
  • Car AC Electrical Repairs
  • Replace Condenser & Expansion Valve
  • Evaporator Replacement with Dashboard removal & fix
  • Removing and installing new air conditioning units for vehicles